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Chiropractors At The World Cup

Chiropractors Treating at the Football World Cup in Brazil

Chiropractors at the World Cup

Dr Elisa Dallegrave at work with the Brazilian Football team at team headquarters.

The Brazilian team has won a new advantage off the field this week. This is because of Elisa Dallegrave, a chiropractor invited by team doctor Dr Jose Luiz Runco to treat the players in Granja Comary.

On Monday and Tuesday Dallegrave treated the athletes at the new Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) Training Center (CT) offices.

According to Elisa chiropractic is a health care approach focusing on spinal function and alignment. It can be a treatment for pain, but it should also be used to improve function and prevent injury, which is what is being done by her in Granja Comary. She uses an interesting analogy to explain the importance of chiropractic care.

“I often compare spinal care with dental care. You eat and brush daily, and need to get regular care for your teeth. With the spinal column is the same. You use it all the time, but some people only remember to go for care when they have pain. Indeed, it is important to have regular preventive treatment ” she explains.

Graduated from Feevale University after five years of study, Elisa is of course very pleased to have the opportunity to help the Brazilian team at the World Cup. However, the world of football is not new to her. It was through former player and Brazilian Captain Carlos Alberto Torres that she met Dr Jose Luiz Runco. She has treated Torres, the three-time champion, since he had disabling back pain in 2010.

Although little known in Brazil, chiropractic is widely used by football players. Dante, who has benefited from chiropractic treatment for more than six years since he played in Belgium, was one of the players who requested the services of a chiropractor.

“It is an excellent help. You feel that your body is more balanced, with everything in place. This makes a difference when it comes to high performance,” said the player.

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