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Medical Journal Of Australia: Evidence Based Chiropractic

Medical Journal of Australia confirms Chiropractic as an Evidence Based Practice.

Medical Journal of AustraliaThe study, ‘Chiropractic Observation and Analysis Study (COAST): providing an understanding of current chiropractic practice’ by Dr Simon D French et al from the University of Melbourne, General Practice and Primary Health Care Academic Centre, highlights the vast number of common conditions treated by Chiropractors and suggests that most Chiropractic treatments and consultations are undertaken within Evidence Based Practice.

The study used data collected from 4,464 consultations carried out by 52 Victorian Chiropractors between December 2010 till September 2010. The data collected was then used to compare the different reasons patients may consult their Chiropractor to demystify some of the pre-held notions about Chiropractic treatment.

The study was based on the BEACH model research program, which highlighted:

  • 60 per 100 encounters to the Chiropractor were for musculoskeletal conditions
  • 62 per 100 encounters were management for back problems
  • 39 per 100 consultations was for “maintenance care”, reinforcing the importance of regular care within a treatment plan.*

*This has been explored by a variety of researchers in the past including studies by Mohammed K. Senna, MD.

Similarly, there was interesting statistics about how patients encountered the Chiropractor. 52 per 100 encounters had been referred by another patient.

This research reaffirms that Chiropractic treatments fall under Evidence Based Practice. However there is definitely more research and analysis of data, which can be collected to better inform medical professionals and patients regarding the efficacy of the Chiropractic profession.

Take a look at our Research page here view the full abstract and other research papers.

‘Chiropractic Observation and Analysis Study (COAST): providing an understanding of current chiropractic practice’ Simon D French, Melanie J Charity, Kirsty Forsdike, Jane M Gunn, Barbara I Polus, Bruce F Walker, Patty Chondros and Helena C Britt Med J Aust 2013; 199 (10): 687-691. Abstract


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